Why You Need a Domain Name!

Are you a REALTOR® who could use some more traffic to your Broker Branded Web Page or another of your websites like your profile on REALTOR.COM?

Register YOUR NAME as a domain name and forward it to your favorite website!

Example – my domain name forwards to my web page on the William Raveis website, so instead of marketing a long web address like https://www.raveis.com/agentprofile.asp?AGENT=8881&AGT=8881&SITE=agt or even sueapito.raveis.com I always use sueapito.com! Simple to use and a very critical part of creating “brand awareness”!

Do you sell products on Ebay or perhaps you sell your handmade items on Etsy!  It’s so simple to register a domain name which forwards directly to your sale page!

A forwarding domain name which points to the URL for another online location is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote and share your website there is! Go to my-diy.ws to get started!