HOW TO: Facebook Invites

One of the first things many people do when they start a new business is create a Facebook Business Page. And then… they wait. In order for your Facebook Business Page to work for you…people have to “LIKE” the Page so that the posts you make will appear on their personal News Feed wall.

So that is the goal…get all of your Facebook Friends to “LIKE” your Facebook Business Page.

So…log into your Facebook Account. Right now, you are posting, commenting, and liking as your personal profile identity. So you need to Change to your Page Name (aka Use Facebook as your Page Name).

Once you see the Admin Panel, go on to the next step…Invite Email Contacts.

Also look in the lower right box [Page Tips] of the Admin Panel – Friends who you have not invited to your Page may appear here… look through the list if one appears, and INVITE them!

Now, go back to using Facebook as your personal profile. Make sure you are on your Facebook Page, (not your personal Page) but operating with your Personal Profile (look at the name that appears in the blue bar). Invite invite invite!

Run through this exercise every week or so to make sure everyone you know on Facebook has been invited to “LIKE” your Facebook Page. I’ll be posting new “HOW TO:” tips for social networking and online marketing in future posts…so make sure you “LIKE” my Facebook Page so you get notices of Blog updates!