Terms & Definitions

Domain Name – Your Domain Name is the the website address people type into their browser to locate your website, also known as your web address. A domain name is a bit like a phone number, but instead of dialing your number on a phone, people trying to reach your website type your domain name into a web browser, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or FireFox.

Web Hosting – In order to display a website when people visit your web address, you need to buy space to store the files that make up your website. Your web hosting space is where the files are stored. Once your website is built and the files uploaded to your web hosting space, your web hosting provider will serve those files to visitors who go to your web address.

My Do-It-Yourself Web Services is the name of my business where you can register a domain name, and host your website. Customer Service is available from the service provider themselves; my business is as an Affiliate Marketer. My clients all have their own Accounts at my-diy.ws.

Website – Until you build your website, your Hosting account is empty. There are many ways to build a website and a variety of “code” options that will display something as a website once the filed are created and uploaded to your web space. I use WordPress to create websites.

WordPress – WordPress is a website content management system that used to create websites without the need to purchase separate software; once it is installed as part of the hosting plan, you log in online and create your website.

All the packages I offer my clients include WordPress because it does not require any advanced technical ability to learn. If you can write an email, you can write posts or pages for your website! If you can share photos on Instagram or Facebook, you can add photos to your website using WordPress!

All of the websites I design for my clients start with a very basic WordPress Theme which can be changed at any time to update or change the appearance of the website.

What is a Theme? Themes are like a template – they set the layout, colors, fonts, and design elements for the website.

After my clients take over the management of their website, they have the option of experimenting with other Themes once they get comfortable with generating content with WordPress.