WordPress Solutions for Small Business

I’ve had fun creating two new websites for clients in the past month. The first was for Body Harmonetics™ – “a unique system of synchronizing the body’s energy for enhanced wellness and performance, designed by Jeffrey C. Zimmerman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist.”


The second was for A Cure In Sight. “A Cure In Sight is a non-profit organization founded to raise Ocular Melanoma awareness and to help those with Ocular Melanoma find and pay for the treatments that they need. Ocular Melanoma is rare and deadly form of eye cancer.”


By using the WordPress content management system, I was able to find a theme that visually worked for each client, get the site built in a short period of time, then hand it all over for them to maintain into the future! WordPress really does offer the perfect web design solution for small businesses!