Your Email Address Matters!

I was on Facebook today and a post from a local small business was shared. I was very interested in learning more about their services so I looked at the new business card they shared. Really cute logo! But what is their website address? No website address on their business card. OK – maybe they have a two-sided card and the web address is on the back side. So next I looked at their email address. WHAT? Gmail!

I don’t have enough interest in this business to waste my time writing them an email and waiting around for a reply. I wanted to visit their website now, and learn more on my time, when I was interested and ready to order something from them! Instead I decided to write this blog post.

The email address you choose to use – small business or large, corporate or home based, product or service – communicates to the public whether or not you take your business seriously.

What says “not”? Gmail. Yahoo. Or heaven forbid, AOL!

A professional email address which includes your website address not only communicates that you take your business seriously, but it is free marketing! Every email you send, and every time you share that address on social media, it is free marketing for your business.

It can cost as little as $2.99 to register a domain name!

Add WordPress Basic hosting for less than $10 a month and you can set up email addresses at your domain name through Workspace Email from My Do-It-Yourself Web Services. Your website can be as simple as a one page “Business Card” and grow as your business grows. Add links to your Social Media platforms, too! Plus if you can write an email, you can blog! Go to to get started and learn more!



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